It Works! Wrap Pack


It Works! Wrap Pack


Accelerate your results and wrap yourself in confidence with the uniquely formulated Skinny Wrap that made It Works! an instant phenomenon. Enjoy It Works! Superfood Smoothie in delicious Chocolate Berry and Tropical Fruit Flavors to advance your nutrition and reduce empty-calorie snacking. Cleanse yourself of that sluggish feeling and rebalance your system with ready-to-drink It Works! Cleanse, and take ThermoFight X daily to melt away fat and lose up to 31 lbs in 90 days! See results that are anything but basic and fit back into your favorite jeans!

14-Day Transformation Expectations

After the first 45 minutes: You’ll see noticeable results after using the Skinny Wrap

After just 1 day: You’ll rebalance your system and experience less belly bloating.

After 3 days: You’ll get closer to your weight-loss goals by experiencing fewer cravings and feeling fuller longer.

After 5 days: You’ll boost your metabolism and experience increased energy.

After 14 days: Your jeans will fit better, and you’ll be more confident!