It Works! Immunity Review

It Works! Immunity Review

The best health defense is a strong immune offense—support your overall immune function with just one glass of It Works! Immunity a day.

Life throws a lot at you—from travel to taking the kids to soccer practice to packed elevators—and it’s up to you to maintain a healthy immune system.
It Works! Immunity is here to assist you, as it is developed to maintain a balanced and resilient immune system. You’ll live your healthiest life yet with a superior formulation that incorporates vital vitamins, elderberry, and MaitakeGold 404 mushroom.

Features and Benefits :

• Supports healthy immune function and resilience
• Helps your body defend itself quickly
• Provides a healthier stress response with a blend of adaptogens
• Supplies a blast of Vitamin C—as much as in 16 oranges!
• Convenient, on-the-go, effervescent tablets that dissolve in hot or cold water
• Elderberry flavor

About It Works! Immunity

It Works! Immunity Ingredients

Suggested Use :

For daily immune support, add one tablet of It Works! Immunity to 8 fl. oz. hot or cold water and allow to effervesce. Take up to two tablets per day for more intense support


If you are pregnant or nursing,
or if you have any medical conditions
or are taking medicines, consult your
physician before use. Do not exceed
recommended daily dose unless directed
by a healthcare professional.

It Works! Immunity FAQ

When and how should I take It Works! Immunity?

You need to support your immune health every day because your body is regularly bombarded with outside threats. It Works! Immunity comes in effervescent tablets that activate their power as they fizz and bubble when mixed with liquid. Simply drop a tablet into 8 oz of hot or cold water, let it effervesce, and drink. The effervescent drink provides an ideal way for the body to take in powerful nutrients, allowing them to go straight to your gut.

Why do I need a healthy, responsive immune system?

If you’ve ever said, “I can’t afford to get sick right now,” then you understand why you require a responsive immune system. Immune health stimulates daily momentum, and you don’t want to be (and can’t afford to be) unable to participate in everyday activities. Everywhere you go and everything you do can expose you to potential health threats, so it’s important to keep your immune system on alert.

What are some of the key, active ingredients in It Works! Immunity?

It Works! Immunity is high in vitamins and offers nutritious superfoods like:

• Vitamins A and C — support the optimization of your immune system to function in full defense mode†
• Vitamin B12 — helps your body respond quicker to threats
• MaitakeGold 404® Mushroom—helps provide you with a healthier way to respond to stress and support your overall immune defense
• Elderberry — helps support and maintain healthy cells with its powerful antioxidants

What are adaptogens and why are they included in It Works! Immunity?

Adaptogens are herbs and roots that have been used for centuries in herbal medicines around the world. They’re known for balancing stress response, and It Works! Immunity uses several in its proprietary blend—Ashwagandha Root, American Ginseng, and MaitakeGold 404—to help provide you with a healthier way to respond to stress and support your overall immune defense.

Does It Works! Immunity contain gluten

It Works! Immunity is formulated with only gluten-free ingredients. It is not currently tested for gluten that may or may not be introduced during the
manufacturing process.

Can I give It Works! Immunity to my children

It Works! Immunity is recommended only for adults 18 years and older.

Can I use It Works! Immunity if I am pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition?

Before using any new product, we suggest that you consult your physician to find out if it is right for you.